2018 Update From our Coffee Farm

Hello to all!

Our 2018 coffee harvesting season started in December, 2017. Teodulo has done an excellent job at finding coffee pickers this year.

Teodulo in coffee bloom

Here, Teodulo is surrounded by blooming coffee.


One thing we are excited about with this year's harvest is that our pickers have gotten excited about sharing a great cup of coffee with you and as a result have put extra effort into picking only the ripest coffee cherries. In the initial stages of harvesting, we built a sorting table to remove the green cherries from the processing, and we found it to be tedious work to sort hundreds of pounds of coffee every day. Our farm managers worked alongside the pickers and educated them about how their work could affect the end product. Timo began taking samples of each picker's coffee cherries and after carefully determining the quality of their work, he implemented a bonus to reward the pickers with the ripest selection of cherries. It wasn't long until the coffee coming in from the coffee patch was only the ripest coffee, and we are confident that in the coming months, you will enjoy the results of the extra care our pickers have taken at this first and critical step in harvesting coffee.


Coming in from the coffee patch with the coffee cherries.