Our Story

Our family moved to Honduras, Central America in the beginning of the year 2000. We settled in the hills of Siguatepeque where coffee thrives. The coffee that Philip Ebersole (Dad to some of us) found to drink, however, was anything but his dream of a good cup of coffee. Quality coffee was not to be found. As we began to grow coffee and learn more about the many different steps of growing, harvesting, and roasting; we learned that so many variables can affect the quality of a good cup of coffee and thus began the growth of what is now Ebersole Family Coffee.

Philip began roasting his first batch of coffee in the kitchen oven. The result was less than satisfactory ending in a very smoky house! With time a fellow missionary built a very serviceable forced air roaster and with time Philip became a very proficient roaster and produces a roast that makes an excellent cup of coffee. This coffee is available in Honduras at a local specialty food shop.

Most of the family lives in Honduras, a land rich in resources but infested with violence and poverty. As Anabaptist Mennonite missionaries we long to see our neighbors of Honduras find Christ to set them free to love instead of practice violence, and we long to see them find wholesome work that helps them rise above poverty.

Coffee harvest is a very busy time as local families come to pick the ripe berries on the farm. The berries have to be pulped to extract the beans, then the beans are washed before we dry them in the sun. Once dry, they are sorted and carefully stored until the time is right for roasting them. The Ebersole family has spent many hours packaging hundreds of pounds of roasted coffee as Philip expanded the roasting business to include custom roasting for other people as well. We love how coffee not only gives opportunities for our family but many other families as well.

Would you consider making us a part of your family as well? Socci Coffee Texas, coffee friends in Texas, USA roast and import our coffee and fulfill our website orders with the goal of providing you with excellence in every cup of coffee.