Our Story

Our family moved to Honduras, Central America in the beginning of the year 2000. We settled in the mountains of Siguatepeque where some of the best coffee in Honduras is produced. Imagine our disappointment when we discovered that up to that point no one in the area was roasting coffee the way we enjoy it in North America. They were used to exporting the best coffee and keeping the inferior quality and roasting it on the open fire. So Philip (dad and uncle to us) decided that we were going to have to learn how to roast it to our taste. But first we were going to have to learn how to produce it because the best quality coffee was not available on the local market. That was the beginning of a family project and a long journey of so many things to learn! Who would have guessed that there are so many critical steps in the process of producing that aroma we so enjoy? And it’s so easy for coffee to not turn out right or pick up unwanted flavors. There are so many details that need to be kept after!

But our family was intent on producing that coveted cup to start the day out right! We enjoyed the results and so did friends and extended family. That was the beginning of what today is Ebersole Family Coffee.

But that’s only part of the story. As Anabaptist Mennonite missionaries we were also looking for practical ways to involve ourselves in life here in Honduras and work alongside with the people here and share the message of Jesus Christ in our daily work and business. This country is so full of natural resources! Why is there so much poverty and crime? Why do so many people think that they cannot make a living here? Yes we have found the challenges many and it has been a difficult journey. One of the biggest hurdles has been the disintegrated families and the hurting children. Sin has been our biggest enemy but Jesus Christ is still the answer!

 One of the things we observed is that the families that worked together were the most successful. That has been key to our survival. Most of our family has settled here in Honduras and we continue to work to help families help themselves. The Justin Ebersole family (nephew to Philip) lived in Honduras for around 10 years and became part of the project. In more recent years they moved back to the States so they serve as our link in making our coffee available to you when you order online.

 Our quality coffee can be found in our specialty foods store in Siguatepeque (COMESEB). That is currently being roasted by Dad. He enjoys the challenge of turning out batches of his favorite coffee. But the coffee you buy online is shipped to the States green and roasted on-demand so you can enjoy it fresh.